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Annual Meeting of Ludhiana Sahodaya Schools Complex West for the session 2015-16 was held on 18 April, 2015 at Satya Bharti Adarsh Sr. Sec. School, Sherpur Kalan. The meeting was attended by the 16 Principals of different CBSE affiliated schools. The major agenda of the meeting included planning of the whole session.

  • Annual Meeting
  • Annual Meeting
  • Annual Meeting
  • Annual Meeting
  • Annual Meeting
  • Annual Meeting

The meeting began with Welcome address by the host school Principal which was followed by singing of Shabad by the students which gave a pious beginning to the meeting.

  • The office bearers for the session took over their charge. As per the ground rule, the Secretary of the previous year Mrs. Amarjit Kaur Naaz, Principal Blossoms Convent School, Leelan Megh Singh took over as the director of the complex. Formally, she was presented bouquet by Ex-Director Mrs. Poonam Kapahi, Principal D.A.V. Public School, Jagraon. The new director thanked the house for the trust shown and the responsibility shouldered upon her and ensured that she will make every endeavor to bring the complex to the next level.
  • Thereafter, the newly appointed director proposed the name of Mr. Vivek Tiwari, Principal, Satya Bharti Adarsh Sr. Sec. School, Sherpur Kalan, for the post of the secretary for the session which was accepted with unanimity by one and all present there. The new secretary gave a presentation on his plan of action for the upcoming session highlighting the changes that would be brought in the existing system of the complex to bring more uniformity and frequent communication among the member schools.
  • This was followed by planning and allocation of different activities to the schools for the full session. Before planning the annual calendar, the following points of the previous meeting held at New GMT P. School were taken into consideration which are as follow:
    • • Same activities not to be repeated in the same school.
    • • Host school not to participate in the co-curricular events but will give a special item for the same event and will not claim any prize, however the host school would be given an appreciation award & certificate for the same and appreciation certificates for the students too.
    • • For each activity, at least 2 Principals of the nearest schools to be on duty to observe the event and submit report to the office bearers sharing the highlights and grey areas. On duty Principals to be honoured by Sahodaya with memento.
    • • In case on duty Principals are not available, do inform the office-bearers well in time to make alternate arrangements.
  • Venues of different activities were decided with their dates.
  • Some new addition of events and activities were approved by the house.
  • Other points and decisions taken were as follows
    • • All Principals must send the information required of their respective schools for the website of the complex as soon as possible
    • • The host school and participating schools must go through all the rules and regulation thoroughly to avoid last minute confusions.
    • • Judges should be given a copy of rules and regulations well in advance for fair judgement.
    • • All members are expected to reply to all emails in time otherwise it would be treated as accepted by default.